The Weekly Thrill: Ode to Joy

published16 days ago
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Louisiana Heron

Hi there,

The Weekly Thrill is going to be short this week. It's been a bad week, y'all. It's been bad for me personally, and it's been bad on a more global level.

I'm not going to get into what I'm dealing with personally, but globally, I feel like the whole world is apocalypticking. (That's a new word. I'm already in touch with Webster's to make it official.)

I just want to say that my heart is aching for my country this week. My heart aches for the rest of the world for various reasons, as well, but this week, I can barely get past what is happening in the United States to even glance around the rest of the world.

Everything from hurricanes, fires, and flooding to political battles, a raging pandemic, and peoples rights being taken away from them. So much pain and anger.

And when I'm feeling so much for what's happening outside my home—my safe place... I nearly crumble when something happens inside my home.

So, for today, I have a single post—a video actually—to pass along to you. A little joy to put a smile on your face. Hope you enjoy!

Joy on a Tuesday (Ode to Joy)

Published on August 31, 2021

Sometimes you need heartfelt video evidence that people can come together to produce joy, like this video of a flash mob symphony performing Ode to Joy.

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