The Weekly Thrill: Coffee Shops and Creativity

published7 months ago
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Hi! Let's laugh.

Here's some thrilling and inspiring internet for you.

1. How Much Do You Miss Your Coffee Shops? There's some bonus ambiance at the end of the post.

2. Does this resonate with anyone:

"You can be anything you want, just as long as you're a doctor first." That’s what Kimberly’s parents would often say. She came from a family of doctors and “the thought of being an artist for a living was not an option. That was against the law. That was like going to Mars. It was not even remotely a possibility.”

Why were parents of the 80's so against their children becoming artists? Are parents still this way?

Kimberly Brooks knows what it's like to run away from her art. But in the digital age, she's illustrating what success looks like.

3. Kentucky has been dealing with ice this week. Can we all take a play out of the Canadians' playbook? (For the record, I recommend staying home in icy conditions.)

4. I'm a sucker for "The Best Small Town in America" stories. But then "The Most Breathtakingly Beautiful Small Towns in the World" had to one up that story.

Y'all know how I love learning about and creating my own small towns.

5. This week in true crime on Kentucky Fried Homicide, Kris and I discuss Donald Harvey, a seriously disturbed nursing-assistant-turned-serial-killer who set his sights on the patients he was supposed to care for.

6. Who's looking for new inspiration for their happy hours? I think Drinking with Chicken provides a lot of inspiration. Their Instagram is pretty awesome, also, and I'm a big fan of the Drinking with Chickens book.

7. After checking out new cocktail inspiration, if you're still missing your bar...

8. My Teen Is Writing Erotic Fan Fiction. Should I Make Them Stop? It's an interesting question. Thoughts?

9. What I'm watching: My husband and I have started watching Cobra Kai. Honestly, we're just suckers for anything that takes us back to the 80's, and since Cobra Kai was inspired by the 80's Karate Kid movies, we couldn't help ourselves.

10. University in Norway responds to Will Ferrell and GMs Super Bowl ad - Sorry (not sorry)

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