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published19 days ago
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Hi there,

I really suck at getting weekly emails out, but I'm working on getting better at it.

This week has been a difficult one as a friend of mine's daughter was diagnosed with Covid. She's ten and has been ineligible for the vaccine so far. She got pretty sick, and my friend was very scared.

The young girl is doing well after a long week, and hopefully she'll have no long-term side-effects from this terrible illness. But now, her father is sick.

For me, watching yet another person I know get sick has been difficult. I have very strong emotions around the choices that have been made on an individual level and on local, state, country, and global levels, and reading article after article on the subject has made me pretty well-informed, but reading that much isn't all that great for my mental health (a subject for another post).

But my overall concern has been this: If ever there was an issue for the world to unite on, this was it. But that time has long passed, and now, we are all faced with individual choices on what to do going forward. And knowing this is driving me mad.

Which brings me to a post I wrote earlier this week. On the surface, the post I wrote is about reaching a big milestone birthday, but underneath, this post is about how we must care for our own well-being, and the many questions I'm asking myself in an attempt to do that. It's a post about losing my mother too early, and the mindset that the mourning process left me with. It's a post about caring for our own physical, mental, and spiritual well-beings in order to be healthy humans for ourselves, our families, and for society.


On Turning Fifty

Published on August 23, 2021

Celebrating another birthday (even my 50th) is not something I fear, because I know what the alternative is.

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