The Weekly Thrill: Travel, Art, and Why are men so obsessed with controlling what women wear?

publishedabout 2 months ago
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Hi there,

Yesterday totally got a way from me! The Weekly Thrill is supposed to come out on Friday, but hey... I'm here now.

I'm sitting here on a Saturday morning watching Basic vs Baller: Travel at any Cost on Hulu. It's one of my favorite new shows to watch with my coffee on the weekend. The official description:

Whether you’re pinching pennies or rolling in dough, there are many ways to travel. Join the Vagabrothers as they cross the globe and experience popular travel destinations, each on vastly different budgets.

Today, Marko and Alex are in Austin, Texas. Last episode, they explored Nice on the French Riviera. And they show watchers that you can truly travel anywhere on different budgets.

My husband and I tend to travel on small-ish budgets, because we would rather travel often than to splurge on few trips. It's actually fun for us to live large on smaller budget. However, we've never stayed in a hostel, and when one of the brothers is on the "basic" budget, they tend to stay in hostels. (Have you ever stayed in hostels?)

The show is great. Check it out!

I will warn you, however... The show will make you want to travel more, and if you're watching the news, our fortune with lower Covid-19 case counts is coming to an end. Cases seem to have surged this past week, and a lot of grim information is coming out about the Delta variant. So, while we have plans for traveling in the near future, and we are vaccinated, so we're protected from getting devastatingly sick, we know we're not 100% protected from illness... so our travel plans could be changing.

Update: a new episode has come on. The Vagabrothers are now in Vientiane, Laos. Very nice! This show was clearly filmed prior to Covid.

So... On to things I wrote about on the blog this week:

  1. Why are some men so obsessed with controlling women’s bodies? I caught an article about how the Norwegian women’s beach handball team was fined 1,500 euros ($1,700) for wearing thigh-length elastic shorts during their Euro 2021 bronze medal match against Spain in Bulgaria, and how Pink offered to pay their fine. This really made me start to wonder: Why do people care to control what others wear? Read the post and let me know your thoughts.
  2. If It’s Popular, It’s Not Real Art? I think you'll really like this one. I illustrate a point about how critics of the world like to minimize the importance of "popular" art and give more attention to obscure "true" art. We even discuss popular violinist Lindsey Stirling. If you don't know who she is, be sure to watch the video in the post.
  3. Q&A: Have you ever started a book you couldn’t finish? A reader from last week's The Weekly Thrill replied and asked me if I ever start reading books that I don't finish. Check out my answer and my tips for reducing how often this happens. (And if you have a question for me, feel free to hit reply.)

Final update: The Vagabrothers are now in Geneva, Switzerland, and the brother who is exploring on a budge just made an interesting statement: It's easier to meet other travelers when you're traveling on a reduced budget. (That's not a direct quote, but he said something like that.) Mike and I really love to meet other travelers, so I found that statement interesting.

And that's it for this week. These newsletters and the posts linked inside are an effort to start a conversation. Feel free to comment on the posts or simply hit reply to this email and send me a note. And be sure to share the newsletter with friends who might enjoy it.

Until next time... let's all be kind to each other.


Heather Sunseri is the author of nineteen novels and the cohost of the hit true crime podcast, Kentucky Fried Homicide.

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