The Weekly Thrill: Villains Among Us

published7 months ago
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Here's some thrilling and inspiring internet for you.

1. How to Help Texas Right Now (And Useful Links for People in Need)

2. Have you ever wondered how writers come up with the villains they create? Whether you're a writer, a reader, or even a watcher, this is for you: Villains Among Us.

3. This week in true crime on Kentucky Fried Homicide, I tell Kris the story of Tillie Klimek, known as Chicago's Lady Bluebeard. Tillie predicted that each of her husbands would die. When they did, people thought she was psychic instead of a serial killer.

4. Have you watched Nomadland on Hulu? It has been nominated for many awards, deservedly so. And is predicted to be nominated for an Oscar. Watch it!

5. What you think is boring now may be interesting in the future.

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Heather Sunseri is the author of nineteen novels and the cohost of the hit true crime podcast, Kentucky Fried Homicide.

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