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published9 months ago
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​​Hi, friends! Welcome to the first edition of The Weekly Thrill. You're receiving this new curated list of thrilling and inspiring links because you signed up to receive notifications anytime I post something new on the blog. I've been busy on the blog this week, but I also thougth it would be fun to share other interesting things I discovered around the internet.

1. What I'm Reading: In a year filled with increased anxiety, depression, and way too much talk of death, I needed Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic.

2. How are you weathering the pandemic? Joan Didion's Wine Bills Have Gone Down. In a strange coincidence, if you believe in coincidences, I just added a quote from Joan Didion to the top of my blog feed. So random!

3. Nora Roberts announced that Brazen Virtue would be adapted for a Netflix movie staring Allyssa Milano, and half the internet freaked out. Then Nora released a statement.

4. Nothing spreads kindness like a musical message to loved ones combined with preppy Lady Gaga oreos.

5. What I'm Watching: Mike (my husband) and I watched The Night Stalker docuseries on Netflix. We had read/heard that viewers had been shocked by the graphic scenes. To be honest, I was a little surprised by reactions. I kind of expect graphic photos and descriptions on a serial killer documentary. It's a SERIAL KILLER!

6. On Kentucky Fried Homicide this week: The story of Shayna Hubers. A truly interesting Kentucky murder involving beautiful, young people, one of them crazy!

Last week: Serial Killer Tony Costa, aka Tony Chop Chop. You can visit is secret garden in Cape Cod. Would you do that? I think I would.

7. Have people lost all touch with truth and morality?

8. To stay creative and active, Zendaya would dress up with a different wig and pretend to be a unique character for one hour every day for her assistant who lived with her during quarantine.

9. Watching ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ led my husband and me to play chess at lunch the past several months. Win or lose, chess helps creativity and strategic thinking.

10. In a Year Marked with Toilet Paper, Secret is in the Bones almost didn’t happen.

This is the first edition of The Weekly Thrill EVER! Thank you so much for reading.

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Heather Sunseri is the author of nineteen novels and the cohost of the hit true crime podcast, Kentucky Fried Homicide.

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